The Team

The Team

Autumn Cohen - Author of In Memory Of You

Autumn Cohen


Hi! I’m a mama to 2 living daughters & my stillborn son, Bash. He was born March 25, 2020 and my entire world was forever changed. To help cope with the loss of our son, my husband & I created a nonprofit called Still Loved that sends birthday cards to babies gone-too-soon. I wrote this book to help cherish my son with the hopes that it can help others as well.

Bridget Wallace - Illustrator of In Memory Of You

Bridget Wallace


Link Tree - lavendar.loch.designs

I became a mama in March of 2021. My daughter was born six weeks early with health complications and spent 37 days in the NICU. After coming home from the NICU, I discovered that drawing helped me process everything we went through. I am blessed to have been able to bring her home & I am so honored to be apart of this beautiful book.

Marti Statler - Publisher of In Memory Of You

Marti Statler


I’m a book strategist for rebellious women. I help visionary women make themselves household names. Whether you have an empire you are ready to scale, an empire you are ready to build, or a good story you are ready to tell, I am here to help you do it. As a strategist, I ensure your story resonates, your voice reverberates, and your readers are rapt.

Erin Spahr - Therapist in the book, In Memory Of You

Erin Spahr

As a fellow mom, I understand firsthand how important it is to have emotional support during pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood. My personal experiences and professional training have led me to my work with women and mothers.